About us

LCDC Global Ltd. is London based company established in 2013. We create modern global brands and projects changing future of different industries that give people working freedom and joy of life with strong positive culture impact.
Our different approach in our projects that are focusing on removing of barriers and at the same time supporting creativity, profesionality and promoting freedom of movement with option to live and work in any place in the world or universe.

By transformation old-fashion industries supporting modern slavery into future way combining personal and working life mostly based on freelancing where people learn how to work on themselves They are going to create a quality base for growth and a satisfied life of people they can change and move forward around the world. We support their freedom and independence.

Our Brands

Our Vision/Philosophy

We consider the current employment rules are old-fashioned and bring modern slavery to people. We want to give people the freedom and opportunity for their personal and professional life, socialising, travelling and financial improvement and independence. We want to work with professionals and freelancers around the world who will be involved in our most innovative projects, products and brands, which we are developing in different industries to make them better.

Our Aim

We want to bring new global brands and projects that will lead markets and change old rules. They will help customers have easier and more efficient work experiences and lives in our focussed industries. Creating a living organism which will not be concentrated in one place and will give people freedom to work for themselves.

We’re creating future. We’re creating brands.


LCDC Global Ltd

Suite 126 Higham Hill JSC

313 Billet Road

London, E17 5PX