We Acquire, Invest In These Businesses

1) web & app development, marketing agencies, advertising agencies, public relations agencies, IT, software development companies

3) entertainment companies, preferably film production companies, music, film, photography studios, tailoring and fashion companies, publishing companies, online magazines, adult entertainment

2) transport companies of any kind

4) we are also open to negotiation with companies working in hospitality/retail off licences, dry cleaners (if you own more than one shop), active life style, accountancy, companies providing services for businesses, construction, architect studios, refurbishment companies and wood business companies

We Buy Businesses Like Yours

Do you want to quit your business or are you going to retire? We would love to hear about your business you sell. Email us with as much information you can share and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to schedule a call. We are interested in businesses in England, the best in London.

Please Note: We Do Not Buy Businesses Already Registered On The Market Via Brokers Nor Distressed Businesses At This Moment.

Our Brands

About Us

LCDC Global Ltd. is London based company established in 2013. We develop, invest and acquire companies into modern global brands in different industries that brings people efficiency in services they use and we provide.

We focus on shaping and transforming acquired companies into modern brand with excellent products and services.

Our Aim

We want to bring new global brands and projects that will lead to market changes taking down old-fashion rules to create different ones customers‘ will benefit from it.

We Buy Businesses. We’re creating future. We’re creating brands.


LCDC Global Ltd

Kemp House

160 City road

London, EC1V 2NX

e-mail: acquisitions (at) lcdcglobal.uk